Friday, August 15, 2008


im extremely tired right now because of a few reasons:
1. my brother has pneumonia so im looking after him
2. my mom has a high fever so im making sure she gets sleep
3. i had to watch the baby all afternoon till dinner
4. i had to take care of things around the house because my
dad had to drive my brother around to the doctor and work

i thought they were pretty good reasons...

on a different note, im very excited because Kent is coming tomorrow! just for the day. then he comes again on Wednesday for a few days then leaves for Israel on the 24th. well my summer has been going pretty well. i was talking to someone the other day, possibly my mom, and saying how during August im usually very happy about going back to school and excited. this summer i wish would not end. as thrilled as i am about grade 12, there are a lot of unknowns for me at this point and its a little scary. i would rather just sleep all i want, see my sister during the day, work full time and just chill with my friends whenever. but thats not going to happen so im beginning to prepare myself for the journey i have ahead. luckily, there are quite a few of us who are starting grade 12 so a feeling of loneliness is out of the question. although i do feel like im the only one who has huge decisions to make before school starts in regards to my future and what im doing with my life. but there is a solution. well, i guess its more of a way to a solution, and thats giving it to God. thats all i can do at this point is let God handle my future. and for once, i really dont mind Him handling this one. growing up is scary.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

the "hamburgler"

Well yesterday i was at katelynn's house and we decided to go to Mc Donalds to get a happy meal. we walked in the door and there was four, 15 year old boys sitting at a table. one of them asked us to buy him a double cheeseburger. i said no and for him to stop talking to us. they all left and me and katelynn were left to eat in peace, but not for long. the one kid came up to our table and said hi ladies, then he grabbed katelynn's hamburger and ran. i thought he was going to come back but he didnt, he just kept running. well i was sorta mad so i ran out after him cause i had paid for katelynn. and katelynn was shocked and just sitting at the table. so then we got into my car and we chased him down. and he had eaten the cheeseburger. so i told him that he better pay us some money. he ran. we ran. into the park. i parked my car at katelynn's house. we lost them, then snuck up on them. as we were crouched behind some bushes some older guys we behind us, and looking very confused about why we were hiding in bushes. so i explained. and made us sound like complete stupid heads. i was like uh.. they uh stole her cheeseburger. and i pointed at katelynn. so then they decided to help us. so they went up to the group of guys and said that they were gunna call their friend named jack who had one eye and a hand gun. the younger guys looked a little frightened. but they proceeded to tell the older boys that they didnt steal katelynn's cheeseburger. then the 15 year olds  went off and found some girls to tell their adventures too. luckily the girls werent too impressed and ended up telling us where the one kid lived and his name. after calling and searching for an address, me and katelynn went to this kids house. wow were we ever embarassed. the house was a mansion, and we were asking for like 2 bucks to buy a cheeseburger. reluctantly we went to the door, already feeling bad because it was like 10:oopm. we explained to his parents the whole story and they got katelynn's number. just as i was leaving katelynn's house the mom called. she said the boy was home and that he would give her five bucks. so katelynn went over and got the five bucks. so yeah. thats the end of that. thats my story of my wonderful wednesday night. it made my summer. did it at least make your day?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

summer days...

wow im feeling that summer boredom kicking in already, usually that starts in August for me. im starting to regret staying home all summer, no camp no anything. but there are a few things to look forward to i guess. Jerrid's 16th birthday party this Saturday, which is also when my stephie poo is coming home! also this weekend katelynn is spending at my house while her parents are out of town. and the last thing, which in my opinion is pretty exciting, is going to the Bes with Katelynn and Caitlin. thats next wednesday. and... so far.. thats my summer. pretty boring eh? one thought that i had was going out to Victoria to visit my grandparents, just for a few days, but i think that i might get a little bored. like its nice when someone comes with u, like my little brother for instance. but it would be me and the grandparents. i dunno, when i was little they could take my down to the beach and it was great. who knows, maybe ill go, maybe i wont. i just wish more people were around, dont get me wrong katelynn i have enjoyed hanging out with u for the past three days!!! haha. but i miss sooo many people *cough* steph! ahaha okay and maybe my little brother.. just a bit. and kent of course but im sorta used to him away for long periods of time but i might not be seeing him until like September which is pretty far away. oh well for now im not minding going on DQ runs and Walmart adventures with katelynn and kayla haha... what would i do without u guys? xoxo

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


i cant believe summer is finally here! this year has honestly been one of the worst years ever school wise, although my finals were incredibly easy so i shouldnt really complain. yay for report cards on friday. Ha i survived math B30 online! barely.. i think i got like a 66% in that class. oh well.. haha. im not planning to be an engineer or anything so its all good. well like i said on the one way girls blog im not doing anything for the summer. just working and such. cant believe that im going to England! its not going to hit me until im on the plane. unfortunately its costing me like $3,000 to go but it will definately be worth it. my dads verrry jealous haha. call me up or text me if ur bored! 

Sunday, June 01, 2008

mental break down #.. too many to count..

it seems like everytime i have a math test, i have a mental break down. like i am right now..
im rushing to hand in my assignments, i dont understand the material and i end up failing or doing really poorly on it. part of the reason is i dont understand the stuff but also im so busy with work. but i love work and i only work like 2 days a week. i cant quit my job..... i dont know what to do anymore about this stupid online math. its so stressful and i cant teach myself. theres been wayy too many late nights, too much crying and missing school. thats dumb.. its math.. it shouldnt have to be like that. ughh..

Saturday, May 10, 2008 friday night...

well last night i went to youth as usual. i was very excited because a professor from Briarcrest came in to talk to us about the bible and how to use it. also, the worship band was supposed to be playing a lottt of songs and we actually did a super good job! i couldnt believe how good we sounded. haha. anyways, at one point during the night, we went off in the church and we were given a few chapters out of the psalms to read. we havent really done much on our own lately at youth because we have been doing bible studies lead by a sponsor. but yeah so i went in the prayer room and read my bible, and put some worship music on my iPod. i realized how important it is for me to have quiet time. i dont do that very often. but yeah also, having someone from briarcrest talking about there experience there kinda made me think that i might want to go to bible college one day. im not saying for sure but its a possibility. i think it would be a really good experience and it sounds like a lot of fun. well. there are my random thoughts. haha hope u all had a good week and i shall see u all on Sunday!

Monday, May 05, 2008

one of those days

do u ever have one of those days where u feel like everything is wrong, but u cant think of what is wrong? like everything is stressing u out but ur not even that busy. like all u want to do is just sit in ur pjs and eat a bucket of ice cream? like u just want to listen to jack johnson? like u feel sorry for urself.. and then get mad for being selfish? like theres something in ur head that u cant get out and u just cant concentrate on anything? like nothing makes sense to u anymore?

well maybe u have never felt like this...

but for some reason i am today...

just one of those days i guess...